All organisms respond to external stimuli in some way. Especially mammals have more sensory inputs, and the most perceptive one is the vision. The combination of all the senses creates a sense of realism, and after a prolonged period of its usage, if we lose even some of the senses, then we would be handicapped and would feel unreal. We would look for some other means or system that can do the same job as that sensory. What if we lack certain senses due to certain reasons?

How can technology help visually impaired people?

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The question is, what is the closest way realistically possible that a blind…

sales tracking
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The most powerful way to perceive something is through visualization, and we follow it by showing the bottlenecks by considering various critical parameters.

Assuming a company draws a lot of traffic, this increases the probability of missing several follow-ups of their leads and it becomes difficult to keep up with the workload. For this reason, we offer visualization of the deals in your sales funnel which begs to be completed.

We take a period of 12 months, 8 months prior to the current month and 4 months later to the current month. The data is drawn based on the Due…

email campaigning

Engage with potential business customers with just one click! Forget about sending emails using conventional mail merge with CSV or Excel files or web platforms. Simplify email communications and build stronger relationships with your contacts through Bsuite CRM Email-Campaign feature.

With in-built Email-Campaign feature: Design, schedule and shoot email campaigns of your choice to the audience in seconds!

Grow your business by acquiring potential customers through intuitive marketing. With Bsuite CRM, identify and segregate potential contacts and send them meaningful email content to build better customer engagement. These features in CRM’s are simple to use and provide you with real-time…

CRM Synopsis: A guide before buying any CRM

Any CRM should be Cloud-Based software that should provide the simplest and most effective way to manage your business. With easy-to-use software, you should analyze your contacts, leads, follow-up, sales, revenue, and overall business performance. It should simplify business management. It should be a robust solution that helps businesses to streamline their processes and keep up with the changing demands of the industry. The software should have a wide range of modules for almost every aspect of your business, from contact management to lead to follow-up, from purchasing to inventory management, marketing, and customer service.

CRM with an easy user…

CRM Matrix — Sales forecasting analysis in Graphical Charts

Bsuite CRM’s sales forecasting has a very powerful inbuilt AI tool that plots your transactional data in graphical format. Presentation of data in graphical format helps decision-makers to boost the overall sales performance of the company. The tool is a good example of a CRM tool, and one of the things that made the tool so useful is that it allowed the team to create visualizations of data that were accessible by anyone. …

Employees deserve to know where they are succeeding and where they need help and improvement. Employees should be measured, however, against themselves and not against others.

Employee performance evaluation is considered on the basis of sales activities — productivity measured based on business revenue generated by winning deals in the fastest time period. Consistency in winning deals and efficiency measured through activeness in CRM quantifies KRA. [ Key Result Area ]

Periodic performance reviews lead to performance achievement.

Our system captures key buttons or actions that are actively used which creates a pattern or behavior of the user. We then…

AI system

AI Revolution :

AI is revolutionizing and influencing today’s technology. The world is transforming from simple dashboards to data-driven tools. Set of questions changed from “What” to “Why”. Business information traveling to “Push” from “Pull”. Human intelligence comparing with machine intelligence always a question of debate!

“What” to “Why”: Dashboards narrate all answers related to “what” is happening around. In fact, decision-makers are keen on knowing “why” it happened. But people use the same conventional dashboard to try and fail to figure out “why”. In the end, they give up and use human intuitions!

“Push” from “Pull”: Businesses with technically informed, agile and…

Managing a liquor store is a great challenge. Carrying a large inventory including beer, wine, and spirits and manage them for stocking out. Keep track of all bottles, cans, and other products directly from your liquor store POS. Leveraging AI/ML algorithms for cutting-edge stock management tracks every item across every channel. Take 100 % control of your store and be a champion!

What do we offer?

Simple Integration

Simple integration with existing POS. Inbuilt schedulers keep an eye on POS and a powerful middle layer builds database cubes.

Vendor Analysis

Selecting a vendor and get the best deals from vendors is a key factor for any retail POS…

Business Suite CRM Ticketing System

Customer inquiries are an asset for any organization. Inquiries will magnify your business irrespective of the organization's scope. In today’s fast-track era it becomes difficult to handle inquires from diverse sources. Hence, BSuite CRM is here to lessen your burden as it has introduced Ticketing System which makes sure that not a single inquire goes unattended & no customer goes empty-handed with a poor response.

According to today’s market needs organizations are in need of such applications that can manage their incoming inquiries from various sources.

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In today’s techno-savvy era all businesses are now breathing the air of technologies, soft wares & applications. Nowadays, CRM’s are solution providers for any business. Engineering/Manufacturing Suite CRM is one such solution platform where Manufacturing companies like Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic, Machinery, Tools & other related companies and businesses can manage their massive amount of details. And from these details Manufacturing businesses or companies can obtain core information and can make the right business decision at right time.

Manufacturing/Engineering CRM Suite comprises all features that can reduce the havoc to manage complex details. …

Business Suite CRM

Business suite CRM provides an all round activities and performance trackers powered by machine learning algorithms only for you to solely focus on business.

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